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Kara's Page

Kara is the oldest child, and only daughter, in our family. Some of her favorite things are music, happy people, friends, family, her "babies", and anything she can do to be happy. She loves to play the piano and does so very well. We are very proud of her.

In May 1999, Kara was diagnosed with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. She has a double curve with the lower, lumbar curve being her major curve. In August the curves measured 26/22 degrees and she was cast for a TLSO brace. In September she began wearing her brace. She has been instructed to wear the brace 16-18 hours per day. This is quite a challenge and for all the parents out there that have a hard time getting their children to comply with the wearing time, I sympathize with you. Hopefully she will have enough knowledge and wisdom from our experiences with Braydon that spine surgery is a frightening experience and one to avoid at all costs. Her next appointment with the orthopedist is in November to see if the bracing is helping her spine maintain the current curvature.

Also, Kara loves to dance and this is a wonderful form of exercise and one that allows her back to stay healthy. Hopefully her dancing will help strengthen her back. Maybe one of these days I will talk her into letting me put a photo of her brace on this page...
Her nickname from when she was
a tiny baby is "Kara-boo".
Jenny Lake
Kara and I went camping in the Teton Mountains
of Idaho and were able to hike this beautiful lake
near Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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