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On May 31, 1995, our third child was born with some birth defects. He was classified as a VATERS Association baby. His birth defects were mostly anatomical problems that we were told repeatedly, were 'fixable' through various surgeries and procedures. Among his birth defects he had the following problems: congenital scoliosis, rib anomalies, bilateral hip dysplasia, missing coccyx, a fatty filum/tethered spinal cord, a horseshoe kidney with a double ureter in the left kidney, hydronephrosis (leading to bladder reflux) in both left ureters, anal stenosis, a club foot with two extra toes, a hairy, dimpled mole on his knee cap and a single umbilical artery.

Isn't he just adorable! Makes you want to squeeze him and not let go. One would never know by looking at him how serious his spine problems are. The xray is devistating - seeing his spine shaped like an "S" still makes my stomach turn.

My purpose for creating a web page like this is to give parents of infants/young children with rare birth defects similar to Braydon's, a place to begin finding information about treatments and procedures for their child(ren).

Most of my web page will be dedicated to information (photos mostly) of Braydon and all that he has been through in his young life. Please let me know what you think about this page. Thanks!

The Burns Children Our Family
Kara is 13, Blake is 9 and Braydon is 4.

For helping to fight the war against birth defects given on 3/26/99, by CHERUBS - the Association of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Research, Advocacy, and Support.

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VATERS/VACTERLS is a rare condition and each VATERS/VACTERLS child is unique and should be treated in the medical community that way. Finding competent care for your child is a MUST. These children have so much strength and determination. One mother once said that what God took away from their physical strength, He more than made up with in personality and determination. These children tend to excel academically and are very bright and full of love!
Please check out the following links for more information about VATERS/VACTERL Association. There is a great mailing list, too, for e-mail postings from other VACTERL parents and people.

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