Our Family Photo Album

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About Us

On this page we'll introduce ourselves in words and pictures.

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Our goofy family one day at the amusement park.

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This is what we really look like. (Sept. 99)


Mike and our neighbor and friend, Jim (on the left), in the corn maze.  Hmm... I wonder if they were lost too?  Or maybe they were impatient with those of us who WERE lost.  Not sure... (Oct. 04)


From left: Mike, Braydon, Blake, Nicole, Kara, and Al (lurking in the shadows) (June 7, 2003)

Our Favorite Things

Our family enjoys doing things together. It doesn't really matter what we are doing, as long as we are together. We love to go camping and visiting our local amusement park. Fishing is a big part of our lives. Much of our spare time is spent doing little things that mean a lot, like playing games and just spending time together. We hope to take a big trip somewhere next year...


Our family.  November 2003.


Mike and Braydon, with Kara in the background. See how long Braydon's legs are? He loves the cowboy boots, just like dad. (June 7, 2003)