Our Family Photo Album

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A little about Braydon, besides medical stuff...


Braydon in NYC - April 2007


Smirk grin Apr. 11, 2005

Braydon doing his Bugs Bunny impression - only two very large front teeth! (click on the pic)

Braydon, June 7, 2003 - a very special day.


Spring picture taken March 2002 at school.  Braydon loved his 1st grade year and has grown up so much!  We are so proud of him!

One of Braydon's favorite set of clothes to wear. Thanks Matthew!


Braydon's 8th grade school pic - Sept. 2008.  He's growing up!

Braydon's impression of the Blues Brothers

Braydon's school pic - October 2004. Age 9, 4th grade

Braydon's first-ever official school photo taken Oct. 2000.

Braydon enjoying the spring - photo taken at school March 2001

Bathtime is fun!

Braydon is such a fun person to be around. His personality is amazing and he enjoys life. Much of his life has been centered around medical treatments and procedures, yet it hasn't had a negative effect on him at all. In fact the opposite is true. He enjoys going to the doctor because he loves the attention. His emotional strength is awe inspiring. I can't begin to imagine how many people's lives he has touched, directly or indirectly. He is a true hero.

Braydon loves to ride his bike, play in the dirt, look at bugs under his microscope and just plain loves being a healthy 10 year old boy!  Most the time he smells like one too - hee hee...