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Our Family Photo Album

Welcome to our family photo album!

Our family would like to share with you some of our favorite pictures and events in our lives. Much of this site has information about VATERS/VACTERL Association, and VEPTR, based on our experiences. We have received so much love and support from many families on-line and we would like to return some of that love and support by sharing a bit of our experiences with you. Thanks for visiting our site!
Update October 22, 2008... Braydon had another expansion on May 5, 2008, and again October 13, 2008.  He had a great summer.  Did some fishing and traveling.  He wanted to do lots MORE fishing!  His surgery last week was a little more difficult that usual.  The expansion triggered some nerve pain that felt like his ribs were broken.  It's taken a bit longer to get the pain under control, but I think we have the right meds in place.  Braydon is now in 8th grade and an official teenager.  He is growing up!  We are very blessed that he is doing well.

Thanks for taking a look at our photos. Please be sure to sign the Guestbook below when you're done!