Our Family Photo Album

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Blake is our middle child. He LOVES anything to do with sports, especially football. He loves football so much that if he can't find a game to watch on TV, he will turn on the Nintendo demo game just so he can watch something to do with football. He is too much. Blake is a very happy person and loves to get and give hugs and kisses. He makes us laugh and always brightens the room. He makes friends wherever he goes because he is so socially inclined. We are very proud of Blake and enjoy having him as part of our family.


Logan High School graduation - 2008!  Blake made it!  Woohoo!


Finally, a new, updated picture of Blake.  September 2004 - 9th grade


Blake (Oct. 2000)


Blake in one of the games during his high school football career.  He is number 52, centering the ball. Did I mention how much he LOVES football?


Blake and Mike - enjoying a football toss.  Football rules our house! (Sept. 04)


Blake in his pee-wee football uniform in Sept. 1999